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Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing Airbnb -5 Standout Secrets for an outstanding first impression

If there is one thing I have learned from hosting people on Airbnb is that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The official first impression is your online presence, staging, photos, and description. But what about when they arrive? The craft of mastering the first impression is now your challenge. Do you accept? Good, I'm glad you understand the importance of an image. My goal with clients is always to create a vibe. We work with the whole property to create the ambiance the tenants feel when staying at the home. I enjoy how every home and homeowner is different, and I work to create a plan that fits the owner's tastes and does not take away from the natural vibe the house gives. I will share ten industry secrets that impress and genuinely show your interest in hosting an Airbnb. It takes a team to bring it all together, and I greatly appreciate my team and don't know what I would do without them.

  1. Curb Appeal & Front entryway - I can never stress enough the importance of my Lawn crew. They handle the trimming, mulching, mowing, and leaf removal. The beneficial ones will assist in knocking down the cobwebs and keeping bees nest off the home. It can be off-putting to arrive at a house that has not been manicured. The appearance of cobwebs will immediately set the tenant into fear mode. It is always best practice to set the home up on a regular schedule and to not let too many days pass. The general rule of thumb, depending on the weather and season, is 10 - 12 days. I recommend my clients purchase a customized sign with the Retreat's name. This always adds a personal touch and lets the tenants know they are at the correct location

2. Leaving lights on, Easy Entry and Communication - George Bernard Shaw, the writer, had once said, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place.". I feel this is true when hosting Airbnb, and most hosts assume that the customer has received the instructions via the site or they have it set up on an auto mailer. You should, But never rely on it to be your sole communication with the tenants. Reach out, Connect and Share information. Most tenants enjoy an active host, especially when visiting a new unknown area. If you do not have the time to respond and communicate with guests before and during their stay, You should consider employing a Co-Host to help you. You rarely see the fee of hiring one once you see the value they add to the experience and your success. Upon arrival, If there is anything more stressful than cobwebs, I believe it must be a tricky or hard-to-use key box or door lock. I recommend a keyless, Coded entry; here is a link to a functional and popular door lock; this one is less smart than others and offers a simple approach If you prefer more smart options with controls that allow you access from your smartphone, I would highly suggest this option both offer a couple of color schemes to choose from and up to 20 codes to keep track of who entered the property, you can issue a different code to cleaners, tenants and maintenance workers. If you host rural properties with limited Wifi access, then you can always opt for the old-fashioned Combination box The ease and worry are often put to ease when you know you can rely on an easy and successful entry, and whatever you do, If the tenant is going to be arriving late, always leave a few lights on.

3. The power of aromatherapy or not..- This topic does bring me to the greatest and most valuable asset you need on your team—a skilled and thorough cleaning crew. Yes, Almost anyone can clean, But a professional with experience in hospitality will ensure your first impression is memorable. They know the tricks and the dedication to STR cleaning that is required. When they open the door, I find with tenants that the smell sets the tone of the whole trip. I will add that a strong smell of Clorox can be a turn-off, while others state they prefer the smell. There are many options for Green cleaning, and I have found that most clients complement the cleaning when they have been cleaned with Myers Clean Day . The most popular scents tend to be Lemon or Rosemary. If you prefer a no-fragrance green option, then I recommend .

4. The Overall Vibe - This is the biggest factor of success. The homes with a flow of continuity and vibe are the homes people book and come to repeatedly. Ensure your home is staged well and provide plenty of light, whether overhead lighting or lamps. Be sure to include decor that matches your theme or area. It's always a special touch to showcase local businesses in your Rental. I have some local artists that let me display their work in the properties. We also have one that we manage that has a King bed frame made of Laurels from a local craftsman.

5. Complimentary Gifts & Goodies - Who doesn't like to get gifts? I mentioned above the showcasing of local small businesses. So what better way to do so than provide samples within the property? We love to treat our guests and ensure they don't have to run out for coffee or creamer in the morning. Some folks love the option of a Keurig, and others enjoy a french press with fresh-ground local beans. It's a nice gesture to provide a bottle of wine or a local brewery's newest brew. My favorite touch is fresh flowers. I love the tone they set and the appreciation it shows that you choose our property for your vacation. Be sure to provide a welcome book to guide the guest should they have any questions about how to turn on the Tv or the Fireplace. Be sure to include the WIFI Code and any other information you would like them to know. You can get customizable templates to make your Welcome book here.

These are just a few things that will help you succeed and stand out in the predicted overly saturated market that 2023 is foretold to bring. My consultations and setup services can ensure that you stand out and offer the best of the best to keep your calendar full when others are barely booking.

Written by: Christy M Ward

Allure Mountain Retreats

AMP Home Services

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. This a small fee that helps me continue to bring you tried and true reviews of products that I know and love.

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